LED Extended Warranty

Financially Secure Protection for LED Lighting

Long Term Financially Secure Warranty Solutions for LED Lighting

The ability to offer a long term and financially secure warranty is a great differentiator. In some cases it is a requirement for clients who want to know who will guarantee the warranty in the future.

Offering up to 10 years of coverage, with a strong financial backing, on all your products or on a job oriented basis is now available.

This protection is available for a simple one-time cost with variable levels of reimbursement for parts or labor (when selected).

Financially Secure Protection Options
Service Contract Backed by a Licensed and Insured Provider
Limited Warranty Backed by an Insurance Provider

Single One Time Only Cost Solution
For a single one-time payment a seller or OEM can provide a differentiated solution for their customers

10 Years of Customizable Coverage
LED Lighting coverage is configurable and covers parts, labor or parts & labor for up to 10 years