Who is Backing the Warranty?

It is not uncommon for an LED lighting seller or manufacturer to offer a 3 to 5 year warranty on their products.  These warranties generally cover parts only and don't include labor.

Most of the time it is up to the company making the promise to fulfill the obligation in the future.  One big challenge is that the buyer of the products are relying on the seller or OEM to be in business in the future to pay any claims.

Financially Secure Coverage Options
  • Service Contract Backed by a Licensed and Insured Provider
  • Limited Warranty Backed by an Insurance Provider
Single One-Time Cost Solution

For a single one-time payment a seller or OEM can provide a differentiated solution for their customers

10 Years of Customizable Coverage

LED Lighting coverage is configurable and covers parts, labor or parts & labor for up to 10 years

Next Steps...

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