LED Extended Warranty

Financially Secure Protection for LED Lighting

Long Term Financially Secure Warranty Solutions for LED Lighting

Custom solutions for OEMs, Sellers and Solution Providers

The ability to offer a long term and financially secure warranty is a great differentiator. In some cases it is a requirement for clients who want to know who will guarantee the warranty in the future.

Offering up to 10 years of coverage, with a strong financial backing, on all your products or on a job oriented basis is now available.

This protection is available for a simple one-time cost with variable levels of reimbursement for parts or labor (when selected).

Financially Secure Protection Options
Service Contract Backed by Licensed and Insured Providers
Limited Warranty Backed by an Insurance Provider

Single One Time Only Cost Solution
For a single one-time payment a seller or OEM can provide a differentiated solution for their customers

10 Years of Customizable Coverage
LED Lighting coverage is configurable and covers parts, labor or parts & labor for up to 10 years

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